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Thursday, July 8 2010

Using texture and material stencils

Stencil is one of the most useful tip when you want to control finely the way the shader changes from one texture to another, on the same object, and with the use of a single material index.

And thanks to the Nodes editor, it is also possible to use stencils with materials, for ever more complex materials and textures setups, that may rely on stencil themselves!.


For Blender: 2.50Alpha 2 and better

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Wednesday, July 7 2010

Configuring Gimp for pen tablets (like Wacom's Bamboo Fun)

Hopefully, you now have a working tablet. It is time for you to configure your favorite painting software so that you may work with both the pen and the software, the most efficient way that you see fit. This short article is about configuring Gimp in order to achieve a comfortable setup that will ease your painting workflow.

Screenshot-07.pngImage courtesy of David Revoy, for Sintel Open Movie (Durian Project)

For Gimp: 2.6.8 or better

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Monday, June 21 2010

Soft shadows and Area lights

Blender is able to produce soft shadows from any of its main lamps, quite easily. But we would still have to deal with the main usage for area lights (in order to answer to a very frequently asked question by many beginners), that is achieving shadows with soft borders, useful for simulating the lighting of a supermarket, a computer screen or a cloudy outdoor.

This article shows the usage of soft shadows, and then of the Area ligths whose settings are sometimes difficult to master.

For Blender: 2.50 Alpha 2 or better

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