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Thursday, July 8 2010

Using texture and material stencils

Stencil is one of the most useful tip when you want to control finely the way the shader changes from one texture to another, on the same object, and with the use of a single material index.

And thanks to the Nodes editor, it is also possible to use stencils with materials, for ever more complex materials and textures setups, that may rely on stencil themselves!.


For Blender: 2.50Alpha 2 and better

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Wednesday, June 9 2010

Material indices

This short tutorial aims at showing you how to give many different materials to the same mesh.

Obviously, even if for the sake of simplicity, we use in this tutorial only materials with plain diffuse colors, the materials can be textured or combined through the Material nodes as per the needs of the artist.

Using these techniques, you can virtually assign one different material per mesh face during the shading process, and do smart faces selections during the modeling process.

Click to view at full size.

For Blender: 2.50 Alpha 2 or better

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