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Tuesday, January 1 2013

Booorring! Pawns

I was bored by writing too much today, so I spent some time doodling a simple scene for Cycles.


Blender 2.65a, Cycles, 256 samples, all textures from the good ol' Blender Texture Disc


Sunday, April 24 2011

The Chapel at the Center of the World - A Mountyhall place

Two great columns rip the cave and delineate a roaring vortex. Violent gusts of wind are continuously vomited by this hellish mouth. Nobody knows to which unspoken Abyss this portal leads to, but it is surely a malevolent one.

The Gods' Arcanums have been sealed in this evil place, and since then, it has become a place of pilgrimage for all races of Trolls. Here we can see nude Skrims, waiting their turn for devoting to the God of... Hum, Fertility.

Update: more trollish characters, cave has been modeled.


Please click to view at full size

Softwares used: Blender 2.57a, Gimp 2.6.10, MakeHuman Alpha 6

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Saturday, March 5 2011

TuxFamily donation campaign 2011

TuxFamily is a non-profit organization that provides free services for projects and contents dealing with the free software philosophy. It is the webhost that currently hosts, since already a few years. I have been pleased to make a donation of 20€ (on top of my regular annual donation), because they really deserve it, and also I wanted to pass this call for donation:

As TuxFamily keeps on growing, we need to keep our servers up to date so they can face the load. Our Web servers are getting really old and will soon reach a critical load.

We need 4000 EUR to make the necessary investments and keep our services as fast and stable as they should be. Please make a donation and pass on this call for donation on your website, blog or mailing lists!

If you enjoy, or if you have yourself a project hosted by them, then please consider making a donation!

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