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Saturday, October 23 2010

Gorzak the Miner - a MountyHall player character

Gorzak is a member of the Guild of the Hall's Mines. The miners from this guild share the same love for digging and for minerals. A very ungrateful occupation in MountyHall. Gorzak is as old as he is strong.

Gorzak-11.jpgPlease click to view at full size

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Sunday, October 10 2010

MyPaint sketches

Just sketches drawn with MyPaint during a workshop session with David Revoy himself.


Sunday, August 8 2010

Gelatineous Cube - Speed Painting for MountyHall

Third of the serie about Monsters of MountyHall. This one is the favorite dessert of the Troll who hunts in the Hall. As the game is not serious at all, how this image could be serious itself? I had to put a face on the jelly cube, and SpongeBob SquarePants was definitely the right choice.

Please click to view at full size

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