Well Ok. The appearance of MATE was not so appealing at first to me. Mostly because I spend a lot of time on LibreOffice Writer, and that both the system fonts and the rendering of the fonts in LibreOffice were quite disappointing.

In fact, it is quite easy to  change the default behavior, so that the fonts rendering is way more sexy on my LCD 23" Samsung SyncMaster BX2331.


1- Enter MATE's Control Center.


2-In the Personal section, select the Appearance Option and go in the Fonts tab. Pick fonts that suit your eyes :-) or keep the original ones. I went for the Liberation fonts series.


3-In the Details button, select the Sub-pixel anti-aliasing compatible with a LCD monitor, and get rid of any Optimization.

All the fonts, system and applications wide are now nicely rendered: less tiredness, more comfort, better efficiency for a writer!