Quickly browsing the book provides a good feeling, as it is easy to decrypt the content of the book, and what the author attempts to achieve. Going more deeply in the reading, here is the final impression we get.

Style of writing: Virgilio has a very concise way of writing, the useful information clearly pops-up on the page, and there is no case where I ended asking myself "what did he mean exactly?!". He managed to produce interesting example files to highlight the rigging process, and overall it is very entertaining to read. Note: 5/5.

Quality of the book: for those who already own a book from packet Publishing, they won't be surprised. The product is very standard: a soft cover, a glue bonding that resist to the time, paper with a reasonable good quality. Unfortunately, the grey shaded pictures are sometimes difficult to interpret and this is a recurrent issue with Packt's Blender books. As a personal preference, a DVD-Rom with the example files would have also been welcome, for the price of the book. Note: 3/5 (4/5 for the eBook)

Downloading the color images to the book: https://www.packtpub.com/sites/default/files/3203OS_Color_Images.pdf. Alternatively: http://virgiliovasconcelos.com/blender-animation-cookbook

Downloading the example code: http://www.PacktPub.com/support and register. Alternatively: http://virgiliovasconcelos.com/blender-animation-cookbook

Technical insight and pedagogy: this book of recipes has been cooked by a seasoned animator. Not only he explains very concisely how to rig and animate, but he also bring basic understanding of the traditional workflow of an animator, which is very useful for an hobbyist. My only complaint would be that Virgilio doesn't go up to integrating soft bodies animation (clothes, body masses, hair...) in his recipes, while I would have read something like 50 more pages on this subject. Note: 4/5.

Overall, this is a very good book that I recommend to all Blender enthusiasts. When I give Blender workshops and teach this software to french students, the Character Animation Cookbook is among the first books that I show, even before my own at Eyrolles Editions. Just to prove that I really appreciate this book!

Overall note: 4/5 (4,3/5 for the eBook)


0/5: Crap! Why would we buy that?!

1/5: Hum. Might be interesting for a limited fringe of people.

2/5: A dispensable book, useful to some extent. Why not, but prepare to face some disappointment.

3/5: A fairly good book, to be recommended

4/5: Definitely a must have!

5/5: If you don't have it, don't pretend being a blender-head