The main pitfalls are two-folds:

  • the IL algorithm is based on the Approximate Ambient Occlusion algorithm; this means that you need to have meshes subidivided enough for the magic to occur
  • only real geometry are taken into account ;  bump maps and normal maps  in direct shadowed areas appear like flat surfaces when lit by AO or IL

The Living-room model has been kindly provided by my friend rore, and she agreed to distribute it under Blender Artistic Licence. My job was merely to adjust or dress more properly the shaders, and to prepare the whole scene for a quality IL rendering :-)

The blend file is available, with textures packed. A tutorial about usage of the IL features is available on this blog.

Here's the scene contained by the source blend file, available under Blender Artistic Licence:

Please click to view at full size
free art licence