Part 5:

Some progress has been made. I worked on the textures for the land, and played with Composite Nodes in order to soften the billboard issues of the clouds due to the Atmosphere not supporting faces other than Solid.

As you can see, I also played with particles in order to start to grow an ecosystem. For the moment, the trees are only "placeholders" quickly modeled, the only attention I paid is about the range of colors. I wanted to depict somehow true colors as seen in wildness.

I also simplified the water surface: it is now a single plane. Enough for the moment.

Part 4:

Not easy to see it, but the texture of the landscape uses he trick depicted in my short tutorial Texturing landscapes according to slopes.

Enough talks, here's the picture.

Part 3:

Ok, I finally found out about the uggly billboards. In fact, Atmosphere option of the Sun lamp is not friend with ZTransp alpha mapped planes... I will fill a bug report as I guess it is one...

But as I don't want to wait for the bug to be corrected, I messed with Composite nodes to correct this. I set up three rendering layers:

  • one with the clouds alone, Sky option deactivated
  • one with the sky alone
  • one with the landscape itself

Here's the nodes setup, based on the three previous rendering layers:


Added some clouds, using Alan's Cloud Generator.

While the Billboards are using ZTransp, we can see them in some places of the clouds. Any hint how to solve that?

Part 1:

Just a small WIP. Will see how it will evolve.