I got inspiration from the tabletop RPG Call of Cthulhu. No specific goal, except carrying out a very simple modeling task, just for the sake of playing in my spare time.

12 june 2006

First render (Yafray), modeling still WIP, around 2 hours of work.


Wireframe (no SubSurf, 2767 faces):


The crease splitting the creature in half is not surprising: some artefact from the Mirror modifier. I will get rid of it on a later stage. Some cleanup to do on the tentacles.

13 June 2006

Minor update. I added "arms" and "eyes". I tried to give to arms an organic shape, I will rework the body accordingly on a later stage. The wings are still missing but should be available within a few days.


13 August 2006

After a long quiet period, I took over this WIP again and cleaned the mesh. Still have to rework the arms. 1331 faces to this day.


15 August 2006

Making this model somehow interesting is not an easy task. I'm starting to turn it into something different that some "tropical plant". I resized the eyes, and playes with its claws. The model is now 1125 faces.


15 August 2006 (bis)

Small update (no time, today). Reworked again on the claws, but not sure about modeling the wings: they are retractable, and the scene I'm planning won't make use of them.


I will soom try to tackle rigging and skinning.

19 August 2006

Rigging and skinning of the claws is done. Rigging for the head is ready but IK is still missing ; the eyes are targeting an Empty that I can place anywhere in the scene...

Just a little pose attempt, to show progresses.

A screen capture to show what has been done on the rigging side:


And now a small render, because this creature doesn't want you any harm ;)


Article written on August the 19th, 2006.
Updated on July the 18th, 2010: .blend file added.