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Sunday, July 18 2010

Abandoned WIP: Elder Thing (Cthulhu Mythos)

A tribute to Howard Philip Lovecraft (that I always found fascinating, even though I was never was fond of his style), here is the WIP of an Elder Thing, featuring in his novel titled The Dreams in the Witch-House.

Last image:


Update: some 4 years later, I found back a blend file that survived. Nothing fancy, not even finished, but I'm pleased to attach it to this blog post. It is under Blender Artistic Licence, and I hope that you may come up with interesting things thanks to this model! ;-)

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Sunday, October 4 2009

Landscape - Sea coast - Still WIP

This WIP is to push my computer into rendering a lot of polygons in order to get a rich landscape. Unfortuantely, it is currently on hold, because Blender closes without finishing to fill the octree because of lack of memory (or not efficient enough memory management) with real geometry for trees.

I plan to get back to it one day or the other.

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