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Saturday, February 2 2013

Linux Mint, MATE and fonts

Well Ok. The appearance of MATE was not so appealing at first to me. Mostly because I spend a lot of time on LibreOffice Writer, and that both the system fonts and the rendering of the fonts in LibreOffice were quite disappointing.

In fact, it is quite easy to  change the default behavior, so that the fonts rendering is way more sexy on my LCD 23" Samsung SyncMaster BX2331.


1- Enter MATE's Control Center.


2-In the Personal section, select the Appearance Option and go in the Fonts tab. Pick fonts that suit your eyes :-) or keep the original ones. I went for the Liberation fonts series.


3-In the Details button, select the Sub-pixel anti-aliasing compatible with a LCD monitor, and get rid of any Optimization.

All the fonts, system and applications wide are now nicely rendered: less tiredness, more comfort, better efficiency for a writer!

Saturday, March 5 2011

TuxFamily donation campaign 2011

TuxFamily is a non-profit organization that provides free services for projects and contents dealing with the free software philosophy. It is the webhost that currently hosts, since already a few years. I have been pleased to make a donation of 20€ (on top of my regular annual donation), because they really deserve it, and also I wanted to pass this call for donation:

As TuxFamily keeps on growing, we need to keep our servers up to date so they can face the load. Our Web servers are getting really old and will soon reach a critical load.

We need 4000 EUR to make the necessary investments and keep our services as fast and stable as they should be. Please make a donation and pass on this call for donation on your website, blog or mailing lists!

If you enjoy, or if you have yourself a project hosted by them, then please consider making a donation!

Friday, November 26 2010

Back from Eyrolles' party in Paris

I had a very pleasant evening this week at Eyrolles' private party. The location (Le Collège des Bernardins) was extraordinary by itself, and the people met overthere absolutely lovely. Thanks to Sandrine, Elsa, Karine and Eric for their outstanding kindness. Interesting things were discussed, let's see how much will eventually come to life! Special thanks to my friend Elisa for taking this photography of me, standing in front of the glass display cabinet.


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