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Sunday, June 27 2010

Indirect lighting test with Blender 2.50 Alpha 2

Indirect Lighting with Blender. You would need Blender 2.50 Alpha 2 or better in order to reproduce such results.

rendu-12.jpgPlease click to view at full size
free art licence

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Saturday, September 8 2007

Memories: My first ever renders!

Wow! I accidentally ran across them, and I couldn't believe my eyes... I thought they were totally lost! Well, imagine how a good blenderhead you could have been something like... eight years ago?

Well, surely these pics are not worthing much, but they are for me! So now that they have been found again, I'll try to never lost them again, beause one's first render is something that should be considered as precious...

These pictures are under Free Art Licence.

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Saturday, December 23 2006

Shebeleth the Destroyer

This high elf was once a bold Warrior who killed an evil Red Dragon called Flame. Then Shebeleth was lured into evilness by the dark King of Ulor, and then placed by its new ruler in an eternal stasis which should end when his dark master will need his Destroyer to be unleashed on the world.
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free art licence

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