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Saturday, October 1 2011

Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook, by Virgilio Vasconcelos

The book sub-title is "50 great recipes for giving soul to your characters by building high-quality rigs and understanding the principles of movement".

To which extent this book reach its ambitious goal? This is what we'll see in this review.

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Blender in the top five of the Open Source awards

Packt is informing the community that they are organizing their 6th annual Open Source Award. The nomination phase is now complete and Blender has been nominated as one of the finalist in "Open Source Multimedia Software" category.

You can participate to the vote (and possibly win a Kindle) through this nominations page:

Wednesday, July 13 2011

Blender books: actual reading in progress

I have received from Packt Publishing two Blender books in order to make a web review out of them.

Here are my very first, non definitive, impressions, as I still have to read them.

3104_Blender_2.5cov.jpg.pngBlender 2.5 HOTSHOT: This books takes the reader through many small projects, in order to teach them how to set some interesting effects. The format is somewhere between the beginner and the advanced levels, and would have most probably have beneficated from using quality downloadable models instead of poorly/quickly modeled objects during the course sessions, because the results look cheap and not so appealing while the topics discusses look interesting enough.

The link:

3203OS_Blender_2.5_Character_Animation_Cookbook.jpg.pngBlender 2.5 Character Animation : This books takes the reader through all the process of rigging, skinning and animating a toon-like character, including the use of shape keys, eyes and facial rigging. It also covers topics like workflow, refining of animation and acting in Blender. It really looks like a must-read book and it will definitely be the one that will be in my hands in the next few days. A full review soon, I hope!

The link:

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